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Alaska is home to some truly beautiful artwork that is drenched in age-old traditions. Among the most appealing examples of this field of art are Alaskan Native baskets. These baskets are carefully and painstakingly woven by native Alaskans, using techniques that have been passed down over hundreds and hundreds of years. These lovely baskets offer a uniquely Alaskan twist. Each has been smoked, giving it extra texture and visual appeal, and adorned with beads made of glass and bone.


The Alaska Trading Co. offers a host of Alaskan Native baskets, each offering the sort of fine craftsmanship that marks it as an authentic Alaskan original. A number of sizes are available. Smaller Alaskan Native baskets measure 3 inches by 5 inches. Larger baskets are also offered that measure 9 inches by 12 inches.

Find the Best Alaskan Native Baskets
The center of each basket is decorated with a delicate carving made from caribou antlers, which contrasts nicely with the grass from which the baskets are made. These carvings typically depict animals found in the Alaskan wild. Each Alaskan Native basket is reasonably priced, with many in the collection being quite affordable.

A host of other products are also offered by the Alaska Trading Co. Gold quartz jewelry, amber jewelry, sterling silver pieces, totem art, mammoth ivory carvings, whale teeth carvings, knives, ulus and more are all part of our lineup. We're proud to give you the best art and keepsakes Alaska has to offer.

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