Fossilized Ivory Necklaces

Fossilized Ivory jewelry is hand carved from fossilized woolly mammoth ivory tusks.  These tusks are found in the permafrost of Siberia, Alaska, and Canada.  Most tusks are in pieces and these pieces are used in the hand carving process.  Although, I did see one complete tusk that was over 12 feet long and worth, I estimate, over $30,000. Tusks are found in eroded river banks and uncovered when the snow blows away exposing them. In Siberia there is even an under ground  mining process using hot water and steam to melt the permafrost. The ivory color can range from a creamy white to brown and all shades in between depending on the minerals that the ivory has come into contact with. Mammoth ivory is legal to own and carve since the woolly mammoth is extinct and the ivory over 10,000 years old. Of course, elephant ivory is strictly forbidden by Federal Law.