Wall Art

This beautiful Laser cut  art was designed by award winning artists using the latest technology with a unique  heat transferring process. This results in a unique finished piece,no two are exactly alike. Most of these pieces are powder coated and fused to the metal for beauty and durability. If the art is exposed directly to the elements over time normal wear and tear will occur.


Robert Shields is an Emmy Award winning artist.  His art tells a story as he creates in metal, jewelry, painting and sculpting.He gets inspiration from observing his environment.

Neil Rose is a recognized wildlife artist from northern Montana.  He has been creating now for over 25 years and learned a lot about the outdoors from following his father. Neil's life style has schooled him in actual observation to be able to create art in traditional  Cowboy and Native American scenes.

Kathryn Darling lives in Bozeman, Montana with her husband and four children.  She studied art at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC. Her experience with working for the National Defense University in Washington, DC, has influenced her work. She has earned many national awards. Montana's wildlife has influenced her work.