Alaska Art

Alaska Trading Co. offers a wide range of art from Alaska. Our buyers have scoured the offerings of the country's finest artists, selecting only those pieces guaranteed to charm you with their fine craftsmanship and unusual materials. For example, we offer an incredible selection of sculptures carved from fossilized walrus jawbone. These carvings feature scenes inspired by the traditional lifestyle of Alaska's native people.

Some of these carvings feature native Alaskans in the heat of the hunt, giving chase in their kayaks with spears in hand. Others showcase the lovely fauna of Alaska, via delicate carvings of fish, eagles, otters and more. The catalogue of art selected and offered by Alaska Trading Co. includes native art paddles, native drums and colorful, hand-carved native masks.

Find Unusual Alaska Art
Also offered are pieces of intarsia wood art. This art is made with wood grown in local British Columbia forests. The hue of the wood varies and is determined by the location of the tree from which it was harvested. Intarsia wood art is carved to reflect religious tableaux, as well as animals found in the Alaskan forest.

The one thing that all these art pieces have in common is quality. Each is utterly and truly unique, with many made by native Alaskans using designs and traditions that have been passed down through generations. Our informed sales staff will be happy to give you the background on each item and help you uncover options you may not have otherwise considered.

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