Alaskan Artists

Many visitors to Alaska leave our shores amazed at the talent and skill exhibited by Alaskan artists. Many of these artists are natives who create art that is steeped in the history of their ancestors. Alaskan artists often use unusual materials to create their masterpieces, designing with objects like whale ivory and caribou antler in continuance of ancient traditions.

Alaska Trading Co. has long been home to pieces made by some the state's most loved and respected Alaskan artists. Here you'll find pieces made by the likes of Richard Kacsur, Dale Hanson, Bob Merry and others. The one thing these artists all have in common is their love and respect for Alaskan culture. Their pieces all pay homage to the ways of this land, offering viewers a chance to observe another way of life.

Get Art Made by the Best Alaskan Artists
One artist whose work is represented in our collection is Charles Carnahan. He wasn't born in Alaska, but he's been a resident since the age of three, and his work reflects a lifetime spent at one with the great outdoors, involved in pursuits such as hunting, trapping and fishing. Carnahan is a registered hunting guide, and he supports himself and his family by relying on income from his work as a guide and as an artist.

Alaska Trading Co. offers one of Carnahan's pieces, the delicately wrought Skin Umiak Boat. Learn more about the wonderful work crafted by Alaska's talented artists. Visit Alaska Trading Co. and peruse our remarkable selection.

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