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Most know Alaska as a place that offers picturesque vistas of landscape frosted with the purest snow. But the country has another asset that many travelers may not be aware of: Alaskan jewelry. Alaska Trading Co. offers a spectacular selection of Alaskan jewelry, at prices that are much more affordable than the exquisite quality of our pieces would suggest.

Many of our pieces reflect ancient designs passed down through generations by the native Alaskan people. You will be charmed by this jewelry, some of which feature carvings indicative of traditional totemic artwork. Our breathtaking designs offer buyers the chance to purchase items that are more than mere jewelry--they are timeless pieces of Alaskan art.

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Alaska Trading Co. is also an authorized dealer of jewelry made by the Orocal Natural Gold Company. Gold-bearing quartz is a rare form of natural gold, one that's mined in only a few places worldwide. Mining this gold is no easy task, since it is often buried up to 3,000 feet beneath the earth's surface. Orocal produces jewelry made with this rare gold quartz, and we are proud to carry these pieces in our store.

Our selection includes jewelry that showcases the legendary Mystic Topaz. This stone is said to contain all the dazzling shades and hues of Alaska's aurora borealis, or northern lights. The stone is offered in gold and gold-nugget settings with designs that call to mind the rugged Alaskan frontier. Learn more about how you can purchase the best Alaskan jewelry by contacting the Alaska Trading Co.

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