Alaskan Totem Art

Totem art is crafted to mimic the totem poles that dot the Alaskan landscape. Each piece of totem art tells a story steeped in the legends of Alaskan culture. Alaska Trading Co. offers a wide selection of totem art, crafted by residents of the town deemed the totem capital of Alaska: Ketchikan. The traditional wood of the totem is yellow cedar, and our authentic totem art is crafted from this same material.

Also available is intarsia wood art, made from wood found in the forests of British Columbia. These pieces are easy to maintain, since they have been sealed with a clear finish. The wood has been handcrafted by Alaskan residents and features themes reflecting nature and animals.

Uncover the Best Alaskan Totem Art and Intarsia Wood Art
The best art tells a story. Totem art tells stories about Alaska and its people, presented in a way that will add beauty to your home and dimension to your art collection. Both totem art and intarsia wood art are genuine reflections of Alaska's natural splendor. These handcrafted works of art will serve as attractive conversation pieces that your friends and family will love.

Alaska Trading Co. is honored to share this fine art with the public. Also included in its collection are pieces made from exotic materials like whale bone, moose antlers, walrus ivory and more. As a shopper, you're protected by our no-questions-asked, 14-day return policy. Drop by Alaska Trading Co. to add some Alaskan art to your world.

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