Alaskan Wood Carvings

Like most visitors to our great state, you've probably fallen in love with Alaska. You can make a purchase that will remind you of that love long after your vacation has ended. Here at Alaska Trading Co., we offer authentic Alaskan artwork and keepsakes that reflect the beauty and splendor of wild Alaska.

Among our most popular items are our Alaskan wood carvings. Some of these carvings are designed to mirror the totem poles that are popular with the native Alaskan people. This wood totem art is just as dense and complex as the totem poles themselves. Each offers etchings and paintings designed to tell stories about Alaska's history and the rich experiences of its native people.

Obtain Premium Alaskan Wood Carvings and More
In addition to these premium wood carvings, Alaska Trading Co. offers a host of other items rich with Alaskan history. We offer native ulus, carved caribou and moose antlers, carved walrus ivory and more. Soapstone sculptures are available that offer depictions of the fauna that grace Alaska's countryside. Grass baskets made by native Alaskans are adorned with beads of glass and bone. Also offered are gold quartz jewelry items, as well as pieces made from amber, sterling silver, ammolite, gold nugget and pearls.

Here at Alaska Trading Co., we're dedicated to helping you find the art you desire. We have many sources of Alaskan art. If you can't find what you're looking for in our store, let us know, and we'll try and find it for you.


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