Native Alaskan Art

Are you ready to learn about some of the most striking art on the market? Native Alaskan art separates itself from art made elsewhere by virtue of the unusual, often exotic materials that are used to create it. This art is crafted by the indigenous Arctic people, many of whom continue to rely on the animals of the region for food, clothing and shelter. These animals also provide the basis for much of their artwork.

Alaska Trading Co. offers native Alaskan art in all its colors and permutations. We carry lovely scrimshaw art made with exquisite walrus ivory. Our selection includes unusual pieces such as oosiks. Oosiks are fossilized male appendages taken from seals and walruses, carved and polished to create glorious pieces of art. We also offer caribou antlers carved to depict Alaskan vistas.

Purchase the Finest Native Alaskan Art
Fossils provide the basis for some of Alaska's most striking native art. Some of our most memorable pieces are carvings made from fossilized jawbones of the walrus, whale and cave bear. These pieces are often carved to depict animals native to the Alaskan wilderness, and they boast a delicate beauty that has to be seen to be believed.

If you have an interest in purchasing native Alaskan art, Alaska Trading Co. is your one-stop shop. Our vast collection will both thrill and amaze you. We also offer a staff that places an emphasis on warm, friendly service. Contact us to uncover the finest Alaskan artwork available.


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