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In the beginning....... Before there was Goldenflow Studios, there was Twin City Gilding, a tiny operation that consisted of Rollie Reis and Dan Mather. (They put gold leaf on stuff while working from Dan's den) One fateful day in 1989, Rollie noted how nice the gold leaf looked floating around in the dish of alcohol they used to clean their brushes. She thought that if they could put this 23k solution into something, like maybe a glass hourglass, it would be a really cool idea. After a twisted and depressing search to find someone to make these new glass things, Dan and Rollie enrolled into a local community college to learn to blow the glass themselves. Armed with a confidence reserved normally for the delusional, they set about building a small glass blowing studio in their garage, and proceeded to try and finish teaching themselves to blow glass. Goldenflow Studios was born... Within a matter of years these distinctive glass and gold snowdomes were popping up in thousands of stores, across all 50 states, and worldwide to over 6 (OK... that's not so many, but hey, we weren't even trying) different countries.